At Marine Coordination Services we aim to offer the best possible solutions for our clients at any given time.
In order to ensure this goal can be reached, we are constantly monitoring the market’s developments and explore the capacity of several of the tools we use. One of the most important tools we use, is the software for the administration and live tracking of all personnel & relevant assets of the projects we work on. Over the years, we’ve had a very successful relationship with our trusted partner SeaRoc Group and one of the products they offer, the SeaPlanner software. SeaRoc Group have extended their reach into land based markets with their, SitePlanner software and we have invited Mr Matt Poulton the Marketing Executive of the company, to give us some insights on the product.

MCS: Matt, good afternoon! After the whole CoVid19 crisis we’re very glad the market is opening up again and we’re excited to see what the future will bring. Talking about the future, what is in store for the SitePlanner software? Could you briefly explain what it’s all about?

Matt: The world has changed as we know it due to COVID-19 and what we’re experiencing now is the new normal. I think as we adapt to this new way of living within our local communities, it makes sense as a business to adapt our existing software functionality to support our customers with everything from tracking their interactions to monitoring their time on site.

MCS: Time on Site? Could you please elaborate?

Matt: Sure, Time on Site is a new functionality that we will be releasing later this year. The feature provides a real-time record of personnel onsite, enabling you to track contractor check in/out times. The Time on Site reporting tools make your administrators life a lot easier, with capabilities to review and report over contractors / personnel time on site saving them time checking and administering contractor invoicing. The system helps employers to improve accuracy and helps to evidence false or erroneous claims.

MCS: Interesting! Matt, since our audience is mainly operating in the offshore & maritime industries could you perhaps highlight the differences between SitePlanner & SeaPlanner?

Matt: Both software platforms work the same, but support two different markets, onshore and offshore. SeaPlanner has been used in over 31 offshore windfarm projects and supporting the induction and record maintenance of over 50,000 personnel. SitePlanner has currently been implemented across a number of various industries from rail and retail to onshore wind and construction.  Both platforms are a software as a service (SaaS). SeaPlanner is a comprehensive Marine Management System (MMS) that enables you to manage project logistics, visualize transport (including vessels and helicopters) and site operations in real time. SitePlanner gives you a simple way to optimize project and site management planning and coordination, the system has been designed to make the management of inductions, personnel data, certification, RAMS and work authorizations simple and effective.

MCS: Ok Matt, thank you for clarifying. We would like to thank you very much for your time and interesting insights. We will be looking forward to further collaboration and exploring the capabilities of SitePlanner too!


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