Location: North Sea, Europe
Industry type: Offshore Wind Construction / O & M

For several clients of us in the offshore wind construction industry, we are constantly searching for experienced Client representatives to work either onshore or offshore and on various scopes of work depending on the project’s requirements. Here is our in-house job description which usually covers the general requirements of our clients. When we discuss a specific role with you, we will provide you with more detailed information and project specifics.


  • Interact with clients to understand their business needs and priorities;
  • Provide daily support to address client requests and inquiries and resolve client issues promptly and accurately;
  • Handle client communications timely and effectively;
  • Draft client proposals and deliver business presentations to the client;
  • Identify new business opportunities with the client to achieve revenue goals;
  • Maintain a database of new and exciting client information;
  • Recommend workflow improvements to ensure client satisfaction.


  • Acts a liaison of contact to ensure his employers interest, needs or desires are met by a third party;
  • Speaks for, acts on behalf of and occasionally makes decisions for his employer;
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and practices;
  • Notify findings in processes and witness the corrective actions;
  • Bridging between parties involved with the best interest to secure the employers assets;
  • Maintain frequent contacts and follow-ups with the client and third parties;
  • Stay updated with company products and services so as to address client queries accurately.


  • Ability to create and deliver presentations tailored to the client’s needs;
  • Relationship and management skills and openness to feedback;
  • Able to maintain positive and long-term client relationship for business growth;
  • Strong communications skills and can take a critical view towards the works being done;
  • Analytical, inquisitive, result and client driven attitude;
  • Honest, tactful, pragmatic and able to organize work in an efficient and systematic way;
  • Able to work under different “hats”.

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