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CertScanner is going to revolutionize every aspect of professional qualification and certification for the Offshore, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Yachting and Aviation industry. CertScanner provides a platform designed to efficiently manage the entire certification process for all parties involved. Project Owners, Developers, Operators, EPCI Contractors, Subcontractors, Vessel Owners, and Training Institutes will all benefit from the efficiency CertScanner has to offer.

One platform for everyone: companies, training institutes and professionals. Find training courses, manage your certifications, manage team compliance and increase exposure for training institutes. CertScanner helps the industry stay safe and compliant.


CertScanner provides a powerful solution for managing professional competence and compliance in offshore and maritime projects, with a digital platform that provides control over the entire process. We cover every step in the project from safety training management, certification, validity, verification and compliance to mitigating security breach risks.

CertScanner was developed to optimize project efficiency, by reducing the workload related to certification in all its aspects. We provide tools to streamline the compliance process for all stakeholders, resulting in significant time savings. The entire ecosystem of companies, training institutes, employees and contractors will benefit from the efficiency CertScanner has to offer. Let us help you boost the efficiency of your projects!


In the offshore and maritime industries, professional skills and certification are key to your career. Searching for the right training course can be time-consuming. The training needs to fit schedule and budget; and when you are stationed abroad, it can be a challenge to find a reliable training provider near you.

Wherever you are, CertScanner offers an user-friendly tool to find suitable courses nearby. Based on your location and work schedule, CertScanner informs you about the most suitable courses available. You can select your course and book it directly via CertScanner.

In addition to our handy booking tool, CertScanner also offers a personal dashboard where you can store your certificates digitally, have them officially verified by the training provider and keep track of the expiry dates. You can build your own track record and increase your career opportunities. What’s not to like? Stay tuned for the launch!


CertScanner brings together training institutes and professionals looking to get certified. We make it possible for training providers to reach thousands of professionals across the globe and provide unique opportunities for increasing their exposure and number of bookings.

We help training providers reach the most suitable candidates, providing a platform to target precisely candidates who are on leave or stationed abroad, looking for courses to fit their location and work schedule.

Tailored to the needs of training institutes, CertScanner has developed a user-friendly tool for uploading courses and booking administration. Signing up is free and uploading your course is simple, with every offshore and maritime certification already listed to make it as effortless as possible.

CertScanner helps training providers increase exposure and boost their bookings. Stay tuned for the launch!