Recruitment & Staffing in the Offshore industries

The most valuable asset of our industry is in fact the personnel involved throughout the complete supply chain. From vessel nautical crew, to offshore construction staff, helicopter crew, or onshore site personnel and various types of office employees, they all play a vital role when executing tasks on any given project. One of the most challenging tasks which is often underestimated, is the actual recruitment of the workforce required. And there are several elements to that.

The client asks for a role to be fulfilled. Is the profile of the candidate required very hard to find? Then a thorough selection procedure needs to be put in place, with all sorts of sophisticated recruitment & assessment tools necessary, plus a level in diplomatic skills, which will ensure efficiency in screening profiles plus confidentiality and respect for the ethical side of this business. The people who undertake such work are usually professional and experienced Recruiters and Headhunters.

Some employees are required to work on a full-time basis, but others not. Especially in the offshore industries, there is a constant requirement for temporary staff, as the work season in the Offshore Wind construction industry for example, lasts for as long as the weather stays good.

So, depending on the duration that the role’s tasks need in order to be completed and taking in consideration that the client needs to be competitive, there needs to be an option to subcontract the employee via a third party in order to avoid having directly employed personnel on the “bench” during the months when there’s no work. Those third parties are usually recruitment and crewing or staffing agents, but there are also several service suppliers who are able to supply highly specialized personnel. Such suppliers will usually have a good network of various candidates and a good staffing software to be able to quickly search in their database and find the perfect match for their clients. They will either have people directly employed and second them to their clients, either they will look into temporary payroll options, or they will choose to work with a network of freelancers.

At Marine Coordination Services some of the core services we provide are recruitment & project staffing. Despite Marine Coordinators & Nautical experts whom we deploy for the operation & representation of Marine Coordination Centers, we also deploy other types of professionals involved in the execution of offshore construction projects. From the several years of experience we have gained in the fields of maritime, offshore & dredging, we have managed to build a trustworthy network of hundreds of professionals.

For more details on the roles we can fulfill, if you are either looking for a job or if you are in search of personnel, please call us or send us an email. We will be glad to hear and understand what we can do for you.

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