One of the core aspects of Marine Coordination on Offshore Wind projects, is the real time tracking of personnel & vessels. This becomes even more important when communication occurs in harsh environments. The Marine Coordinator needs to constantly provide information & plans that are accurate and relevant at the right timing. Failing to do so, would result to several risks, such as miscommunication and errors which in return can have severe consequences on the Health & Safety of personnel and have a financial impact.

Having a live overview of vessels, helicopters and people improves efficiency in actions to be taken and allows safety awareness to be consistent while allowing developments to be made. It ensures efficiency when it comes to HSE compliance and contributes to the optimization of all assets and people involved.

As the focal point of communication between contractors and vessel Captains / helicopter Pilots, the Marine Coordinator is in charge of all logistics plans. It is important to have instant & user-friendly access to people and site locations, allowing the Marine Coordinator to instantly be able to respond, especially at times of emergency.

The sea provides a hard and unpredictable environment for people to work in. An important issue that keeps coming up, is that Internet connections can be disrupted which results to important data being interrupted or lost. This can jeopardize operations and compromise safety at sea.

Marine Coordination Services ensures the deployment of experienced Marine Coordinators and provides them usually with Cloud based software solutions for Crew and Weather monitoring. Additionally, there are various tracking technologies available such as TETRA Radios, mobile phone solutions & RFID Swipe cards, which all provide back-up solutions in case of communication disruptions. At Marine Coordination Services we also provide an in-house built log system which ensures increased control and back up in case of communication failure.

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  • Jeremy Gilmour
    2 June 2020 09:46

    A very interesting blog. Having managed a Marine Coordination team I think you have capture many of the aspects of the role and its necessity.
    As well as the emergency and on the spot operational decisions the marine coordinators can play a huge and crucial role in making the operation efficient and effective. Through the monitoring of landings, the monitoring of drop patterns the coordination of loading / boarding and discharge of personnel and cargoes. All of these aspects make the time on turbines for technicians greater which increases maintenance which increases availability of turbines or speeds up the time of construction.
    Therefore the marine coordinators are central to the successful operation, maintenance and construction of the windfarms but for some reason windfarm constructors and operators see only a cost.

  • Thank you Jeremy for your good words! We agree and we are doing our best to ensure that decision makers within OWF supply chains understand the importance of having experienced Marine Coordinators on each project.


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