Marine Coordination… Why?

A good night's sleep or a nightmare? What's it going to be?
Here's why Marine Coordination is so important for the execution of any offshore operation.

Marine Coordination is a workflow that is required and implemented worldwide. It increases quality in offshore operations by ensuring an efficient project lifecycle, while mitigating risks in Health & Safety and unexpected costs which come along with offshore projects.

Data related to personnel and equipment such as all assignments, personnel approvals and relevant certification, need to be checked, approved, documented and archived. Directives need to be distributed, safety guidelines have to be instructed and potential hazards need to be identified & assessed.

Due to the harsh environment at sea, weather monitoring plus efficient communications backed by strong data management are key, especially in cases of emergency. The Marine Coordinator is the focal point for all emergency contacts & facilities. Besides the importance of tracking people, the tracking and coordination of vessels plays a decisive role during transport & installation. Therefore, Permit-To-Work coordination is very important when it comes to safety and time efficiency.

Interfaces between the construction phases should be identified and aligned. Vessel charters and downtime for specialized personnel have a huge impact on installation time and budget. Hence it is important to be able to quickly approach the procedures and requirements during offshore operations.

A high level of education and excellent communication skills from the Marine Coordinator, are essential and subsequently result to benefits in terms of time & budget, as well as to a significant increase in safety deployment to all offshore activities. It is a key factor for the safe implementation and the prevention of accidents.

A 24/7 presence ensures optimized value to any marine project with heavy traffic.

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Illustration by courtesy of: BVGassociates

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