Marine Coordination Services Wins Van Oord Wind Farm Contract

Source: The Maritime Executive

International maritime contractor Van Oord, the main contractor for the Belgian Norther offshore wind project, has entered into a contract with Marine Coordination Services.

Marine Coordination Services is currently deploying a team of four professionals to support the marine coordination centre. Van Oord will put this team to use in the construction of the offshore wind farm. The team will operate from Ostend and the professionals provided by the Marine Coordination Services network can be deployed 24/7.

With its 370 MW capacity, Norther is the largest offshore wind farm in Belgium. This summer, the offshore construction kicked off and it is expected to be up and running in the third quarter of 2019.  In the past, Van Oord was involved in creating the Gemini offshore wind farm (delivered in 2017), among other wind farms, and it and it has previously collaborated with professionals through Marine Coordination Services.

Marine Coordination Services was founded in 2015 by two experienced marine coordinators who had observed that the offshore industry needs a high-grade and integrated service concept for the coordination of varied operational activities in the construction and operation of offshore wind farms.

High standards in marine coordination skills 

Marine Coordination Services has a tight-knit network of experienced professionals with specific skills who are deployed in the context of a sophisticated management, information and quality system. With the help of specialist marine software, among other things, their activities are directed and monitored from ashore in line with safety and quality standards and procedures consistent with the client’s operational processes and standards. Marine Coordination Services represents a smooth, safe, cost-efficient and effective workflow in wind farm operations.