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At Marine Coordination Services we have decided to launch a weekly Blog bringing up different topics we find important within Marine Coordination and the Offshore Wind Construction industry. This week’s topic will be Marine Coordination itself and for this discussion we’ve invited our trusted colleague Mr Joe Fogerty to give us his points of view. For future reference please feel free to contact us if you have any topics you would like to share or discuss.

MCS: Joe, we are often asked by several people what Marine Coordination actually means. Could you please describe what are the main aspects of your profession?

Joe: Primarily, one of the main functions of a Marine Coordinator is to co-ordinate all project related marine traffic associated with the wind farm, as well as tracking and controlling the movement of all offshore personnel. This is important as it ensures that all project personnel can be located at any one time, in case of an emergency or evacuation in which case Marine Coordinators are generally the first point of contact. It also helps to prevent vessels or personnel from accessing locations or exclusion zones that could potentially put them in danger.

MCS: How has CoVid19 affected your career so far? How are you dealing with this crisis?

Joe: Unfortunately, CoVid 19 has indefinitely postponed a small project that I would otherwise be working on and furthering my career. However, the health of my friends and family is of course of the upmost importance, and so I am happy to not be travelling to work, staying at home and helping to control the spread of the virus. If we all continue to do our part, before long things will be back to normal and it will be business as usual. In the meantime, I am trying to make the most out of spending time at home with my girlfriend and 2 cats.

MCS: How many years have you been busy with Marine Coordination and what has been the best memory for you so far?

Joe: I have been working within the offshore wind industry for almost a decade, and for the majority of that time as a Marine Coordinator. For me, I always love the excitement of joining a new project, working with old and new faces, and becoming part of a team dedicated to tackling the daily challenges of constructing an offshore wind farm.

MCS: What are for you the greatest challenges currently trending? Is there an example you would be willing to share, of an incident that you may have witnessed, which you think could have been prevented with better preparation?

Joe: It is always a challenge to efficiently coordinate potential clashes with simultaneous operations running on the project, to maximize productivity and prevent any downtime. There are many examples of where things haven’t gone as planned, which can often result in small delays and a financial impact on the project, and so it’s very important to have accurate project lookaheads in place, as well as foreseeing any potential problems and having a back-up plan.

MCS: How do you see the future of Marine Coordination in OWF Construction? Will AI & machines be taking over, or will there always be a need for the human touch?

Joe: As more and more Offshore Wind Farms continue to be constructed worldwide, and already some wind farms are approaching the end of their life cycle and the deconstruction phase, there will always remain a strong requirement for a Marine Coordination team on projects. Due to the complex challenges and dynamic nature of building an offshore wind farm, there will always be a need for a human element when it comes to Marine Coordination, to make informed decisions and communications, especially in the event of an emergency.

MCS: Joe thanks a lot for your time. Is there any special message you would like to share with our audience?

Joe: Stay safe during these unique times. Enjoy this opportunity to spend extended time at home, and before long we will all be able to continue with our lives and work as normal, with renewed energy.

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  • Monica Yeh
    14 April 2020 16:39

    Thanks for sharing. Hope people in the world to stay safe.
    Looking forward to your weekly post😉

  • Davy Thompson
    27 May 2020 13:30

    Good to see the MCS team sharing their knowledge and experience via this blog. Having been involved in many areas of offshore, coordination and support services, they will bring a new dimension to spreading the word regarding innovation, dynamic services and their own company ethos of getting the job done, in a safe and professional manner. I have had the pleasure to work with Jens, Cor and the wider team on a number of projects and the client has never been disappointed. Even if companies are unsure of what services they might require, the MCS team can and do provide a ‘bespoke’ solution for any given project.


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