At Marine Coordination Services, the most important element of our operations is our workforce. Qualified personnel are key for all projects and one important aspect of Marine Coordination is the coordination and management of all necessary training that needs to be completed prior mobilization and embarkation, ensuring they are 100% compliant according to the requirements of each project.

Offshore construction works involve multiple Contractors who often employ hundreds of people. Already at pre-construction phase, a project requires that people hold the right certification. A Marine Coordinator is also a person in charge who invites, reviews and approves inductions and certification.


After all inductions have been completed and while during construction phase, the Marine Coordinator will still need to proactively monitor & handle all involved certification of the personnel, in relation to expiry dates and / or new arrivals on the project.


Failure to do so, can jeopardize the whole operation by disrupting plans due to QHSE policies which can lead to various complications of the project until there is assurance for certification compliance.

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