ICT security is important for both GDPR & HSE compliance in any offshore operation.
Ensuring safe operations and gaining trust from personnel, requires that all policies and rules are followed under strict guidelines.

To be able to keep up with such demands, Marine Coordinators need to have access to reliable software that can handle the management of the staff’s certification and ensure real-time personnel tracking accuracy. The Marine Management system has to also be able to withstand any security breach that may be attempted. Therefore selecting a reliable software system as well as bringing in personnel with user-experience is absolutely crucial.


At Marine Coordination Services we choose to work with experienced Marine Coordinators who have a nautical background and experience in the best cloud-based Marine Management systems our industry has to offer. We build our project teams based on diversity from the experience that each member brings in and we offer communications consultancy, based on research we’ve conducted while having worked ourselves with various Marine Management systems over the years.


Image by courtesy of: ABS Group

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