We are thrilled and excited to announce the imminent launch of CertScanner!
CertScanner is a brand new platform that’s going to revolutionize every aspect of professional qualification and compliancy for the Offshore, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Yachting and Aviation industries.

CertScanner is designed to provide easy control over the entire certification process for all parties involved. Offshore and Maritime Companies, Employees, Contractors, Crewing Managers, Marine Coordinators, Project Managers, Vessel Masters, Superintendents and Training Institutes will all benefit from the efficiency CertScanner has to offer.

The idea for CertScanner was born from our personal experience, with the modest ambition to make life easier for every offshore professional.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: managing certifications was too complicated. Having worked in the offshore and maritime industry for years, we kept being amazed – to put it mildly – by the amount of time and work it took to manage certifications.

Certification is an essential part of our industry and paramount to safe operations. Being compliant is vital, but we kept noticing how time-consuming it was to keep all certifications up to date. Comparing courses, prices and dates meant comparing websites, filling in contact forms, emailing back and forth and keeping track of all certifications manually. Not exactly a smooth operation.

Then there was the corporate and marine coordination side of compliance; for every single project a puzzle often to be solved manually with excel or paper-based documentation taking up a lot of time.

We were convinced it should be simple to keep track of certifications and expiry dates, find the right training courses at the right training institutes, and fitting it all into complicated schedules and matrices.

When you see things are not really working, it’s just a matter of coming up with the idea and doing it. So here we are CertScanner. One platform to find, compare, book and manage qualifications and competencies.

We invite you to join our community at www.certscanner.com !

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